Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Broken Flesh We Hide

Mindrage were a Christian Metalcore band out of Little Rock, Arkansas who released one album and an EP split with Nailed Promise. "Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power" is a solid heavy album, but Mindrage's biggest claim is probably guitarist and vocalist John LeCompt who went on to work with Evanescense until 2007.

Let it be known that John LeCompt also worked with Rocky Gray, performing live with Soul Embraced. Rocky was also a member of Evanescence until 2007.

Anywho, back to Mindrage. The band plays a a style of Metalcore much like Living Sacrifice with similarities to Nailed Promise. The latter giving Mindrage more of a groove then Living Sacrifice. As a big fan of Living Sacrifice, I took to this album pretty quickly.

"Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power" is heavy, dark with memorable hooks and solid riffs. The album starts off with "Not Alone" which sets the basis with thick heavy guitars and melodic undertones.

"Voice Of Disgust" comes out a little faster and touches lightly on thrash as does the album closer "Sown In Weakness. The thrash elements are minimal here despite the Living Sacrifice influence who incorporated more.

"Destructive Patterns", "Lying Breed" and "Ashes" are all heavy and aggressive in approach. "Passover" is crunchy with a heavier groove sound. "Born Blind" and "Asphyxiate" are more mid-paced crusher. "Raised In Power" splits the album as a groove heavy instrumental that's almost acoustic and carries an eeriness in the riff patterns.

"Child" is the strongest resemblence to Living Sacrifice (Reborn/Hammering Process era) to the point that I thought it might be a cover. Great song mind you and one of the darker tunes. As much as I enjoy "Raised In Power's" melodic instrumental, "Passover" is my favourite track here because I feel it blends the bands influences nicely.

Mindrage have released a strong album and if you don't mind the strong resemblances one can truly enjoy this release. I do. My complaints lie mostly on the lack of a lot of variation and solos (something that Living Sacrifice does quite well).
All the same Mindrage's lone effort (sans EP) is very well done if not completely original.

Up next, I will take a look at August Burns Red.


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