Sunday, June 08, 2008


Included in my order for EversincevE's "Fire Finds Beauty In Ashes" off the bands website was a sweet ball cap as well as a CDR copy of their "As Pride Falls" ep from 2005. I don't know if this was ever officially released (by that I mean independently or by label).

Either way, I thought I'd include a little review of it as well. "As Pride Falls" sees the band add a more progressive sound via keyboards which gives them a sound closer to The Death Campaign as well as a stronger metalcore style.

In my opinion, that's not a bad thing, but it is different then their first full length which I found to be more metal then core. "As Pride Falls" begins with "Atrocity" which is melodic with heavier use of keyboards that softens the brutal edge, but adds atmosphere.

"Theory Of The Godless" takes that melodic edge a little further and adds some groove. This is my favourite track of the new songs mostly due to its catchiness and moving bridge/outro. "Instrument Of Vengeance" starts of with an eerie church organ intro giving this song a darker edge. This song is heavier with a melodic black/death metal feel and is most like "Fire Finds Beauty ..." album.

"From These Gallows" is keyboard heavy and continues the black/death metal sound adding a metalcore groove and some of the only soloing on this outing.

The ep also includes 2 re-recordings of songs from "Fire Finds Beauty ..." . The first is "Tangled Web Of Misery" which gets a darker atmosphere with the added keyboards, but I find it sacrifices the brutal edge of the original. The other song is "See Through Soul" which sees the addition of keyboards and some fancier guitar work.

I honestly prefer the originals and overall wasn't hyped on the atmospheric sound brought with keyboards. Not a bad effort, but "fire Finds Beauty In Ashes" had a great balance of melody and brutality that you don't get to often.

Not sure what I'll be reviewing next, so come on back and be surprised!


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