Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome To The Isle Of Lore.

I'm still reeling some over Eluveitie's absence from the Canadian leg of Paganfest 2008, however, I won't let that influence my review of their sophomore full length release "Slania". I bought this album after Paganfest and have had a few weeks to enjoy it.

Although I miss the chaotic structures of Eluveitie's "Ven" and "Spirit" albums and their noisy melodies, I have to commend the band on this latest effort and the more organized and focused blend of folk and metal. I feel here the band lets the guitars kick out some fine riffs as opposed to just being heavy rhythm instruments.

The album starts off with "Samon" which is a slower melodic instrumental with their standard folk elements. "Primordial Breath" kicks it up as a darker, faster number utilizing more flute soloing much akin to Waylander. "Blood-Stained Ground" and "Calling The Rain" are similar in style with super heavy riffs blended nicely with folk melodies.

"Tarvos" is a pummeling beast fast and heavy, almost death metal in intensity. "Inis Mona" is a bit slower with stronger folk elements and an Asmegin brutality. "Elembivos" is a heavy epic with an earlier Eluveitie sound. It is instrumental like with repetitive choral vocals, heavy with folk melodies and pretty catchy. My favourite track is "Gray Sublime Archon" with it's Elvenking style folk sound with an uber catchy chorus. That and it's a very moving song.

"Anagantios" is a traditional folk piece with a moving melody and "Giamonios" is a flute soloing traditional piece that's vivid in its imagery. My copy has the more traditional sounding acoustic version of "Samon" as a bonus track which is a nice treat. It's a beautiful piece.

The album shows real growth for Eluveitie as they continue to perform some of the finest folk metal around. They don't skimp on the traditional instruments in studio and in live performances which is exactly why I am very disappointed in their lack of appearance at Paganfest 2008. They would have been awesome to see live!

I do hope they come back to Canada for a proper tour and make it up to me! And feel free to bring Suidakra with you!

(They joined Paganfest after the Canadian leg too!!! aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!)


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