Sunday, May 11, 2008

With Heavy Hearts We Head On Towards The End

Tyr's third outing "Ragnarok" sees the band, in my opinion, becoming more focused structurally and balancing out their folk/viking influences without losing the signature Tyr sound. The narrative feel here is epic and really flows through the album. I also found the riffs seem more rooted in metal with a thicker sound.

"Ragnarok" consists of 18 tracks with a number of them being more transitional pieces that really tie the album together. All the while not disturbing the pace. The album begins with "The Beginning" a folkish instrumental with Tyr's doomy riffs and melodies which leads into "The Hammer Of Thor". "The Hammer Of Thor" is a rockier number with more metal based riffs.

"Wings Of Time" and "The Hunt" have a stronger traditional Tyr sound with subtle folk influences. "Torsteins Kvaedi" is a Tyr style folk metal song as with "Lord Of Lies". They are traditional sounding and melodic.

"Brothers Bane" is a slower melancholic narrative with a thick fuller sound and the title track "Ragnarok" feels more sombre and bleak. "The Ride To Hel" kicks off with a heavy crunchy riff leading into a darker, yet moving song.

The transitional pieces vary with "Envy" and "The Burning" having an acoustic folk sound with the later being a touch more brooding. "Grimur A Midalnesi" is a rousing gang chorus of A Capella singing and "The Rage Of The Skullgaffer" is a faster instrumental with some nice guitar soloing and a traditional folk-rock melody.

I have the digi-pack release that comes with a couple bonus tracks. "Valkyrie's Flight" is a boisterous instrumental that is just fun and "Valhalla" is a catchy rocker that seems to feature "Valkyries Flight" melodies.

It's hard to say why I enjoy this album so much more then the others, it just has a comforting feel and a nice flow. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to see what "Land" their fourth album will be like. From what I heard at Paganfest it should be dang good!

Up next I'll take a look at Eluveitie's 2nd full length release "Slania"


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