Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anglo-Saxon Metal

Forefather is an Anglo-Saxon metal band out of the UK who play viking/folk metal with lyrics steeped in Anglo-Saxon history. The self-proclaimed description is their way of avoiding being labelled black metal. I can see where they are coming from seeing as I wouldn't call them black metal anyways. There are black metal styling as is the deal with a number of folk/viking metal bands but these guys stay true to heathen metal.

I only own one album by this duo (the rest of their catalogue is hard to find, but I'm trying!). "Ours Is The Kingdom"is a delicious blend of Twin Obscenity influenced riffing and the rousing battle chorus's of say Tyr and the folk styling of Falkenbach. This is a stirringly brutal album.

The album kicks off with "The Shield-Wall" which is a blistering assault of fast riffs and drums with a triumphant chorus. "Ours Is The Kingdom" the title track and "To The Mountains They Fled" follow the same pattern.

"Proud To Be Proud" is mid-paced and ...well... proud. It's catchy and memorable. "The Golden Dragon" is also mid-paced and rhythmic while the album closer "Wudugast" is more folk influenced a triumphant, rousing edge.

"The Sea Kings" is a thunderous keyboard instrumental that's fun and invigorating. However, "Smashed By Fate" has an edgier black metal sound reminiscent of Twin Obscenity. "Rebel Of The Marshlands" is similar with more clean vocals.

Overall Forefather's "Ours Is The Kingdom" is a brilliant viking metal album reminding me much of Twin Obscenity's harshness, but with more anthem-ish chorus's and folk elements. I haven't been moved by an album like this in a while and though they may not be going far from a tried and true style, they are certainly a head above in their genre.

If I had to pick a favourite I think "The Shield Wall" is the catchiest song here. I do hope to pick more of their albums if I can find them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you should check out Frosthold as well, they're Anglo-Saxon metal as well.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Hitomy said...

I've been doing some research on anglo-saxons. I guess music is the best way to learn things, so thanks a lot! :D

10:27 AM  
Blogger Hitomy said...

ps: do you know if is any track inspired by the epic of "beowulf"? thanks!

10:28 AM  
Blogger DPTH International said...

Hi Hitomy,

Thanks for the comments. I find I like historically influenced and inspired music with metal as a preference.

I've often said I learn all my history from heavy metal music.

I don't think any songs here are inspired by Beowulf, but Zandelle's "Vengeance Rising" album has a Beowulf trilogy which is fun.

As far as Unicorns are concerned, I never really thought about their origins or associated them with any particular culture. That's a very interesting question and I think I'll be having a look at the Unicorns history.

You've peaked my curiousity!

2:30 PM  
OpenID afflictedbyboredom said...

Do you know of any band who actually sing in Anglo-Saxon? I know it's a dead language and all, but that seems like it would be really cool.

8:25 PM  

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