Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hearts Of Steel

Another band on the bill for Paganfest 2008 is Finland's Turisas. Turisas's play a mix of viking folk metal that's slightly out of the ordinary. Today I'll be looking at the bands full length debut "Battle Metal".

This album kinda throws me each time I listen to it. It's viking metal at its core, but there is a strong folk element and more symphonic than most viking metal bands.

The album opens with "Victoriae And Triumphi Dominus" which is like a Rhapsody (Of Fire) orchestral intro with viking chorus's. "As Torches Rise" brings the metal in the form of heavily symphonic black metal with folk elements. Like Bal-Sagoth without the narration.

"Among Ancestors" features a similar style of heavy symphonics and black metal intensity. The title track does too with a more triumphant viking influence. "The Messenger" takes those heavy symphonics and blends them better with a sound more akin to Moonsorrow.

"One More" is heavier on the folk side with Elvenking style violin work and a more traditional sound. "Sahti-Waari" blends the folk and viking elements while flavouring it up with their orchestral touch. The album closer "Katuman Kaiku" is a more traditional sounding folk instrumental with the metal styles of say Korplikaani. A beautiful piece.

"The Land Of Hope And Glory" has an Egyptian sound to it and a more groove oriented folk melody. "Midnight Sunrise" is probably my favourite track because of its more focused folk metal feel. With the added female vocals it creates an epic traditional sound like Finntroll and Elvenking.

"Prologue For R.R.R" is essentially an atmospheric narrative, albeit inspiring, that intros "Rex Regi Rebellis". "R.R.R" is a Finntroll influenced folk metal tune with stronger orchestral elements.

Overall, I really enjoy the hugeness of this album, though at times it seems like the band is still waffling between viking metal and folk metal with out truly embracing both. I believe they remedied that on their follow up "The Varangian Way".

That review is coming up next Sunday.


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