Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Will Take My Hand And Wipe Your Tears Away

First off. For all my faithful readers, if you haven't noticed, I've been backdating my entries. I apologize for this weeks delay. I do like the backdating feature! It keeps things organized.

Anywho, this weeks entry is on the Florida based Metalcore band EversincevE. EversincevE are a thought-provoking Christian metal band who I feel are highly under-rated. They play a metalcore style similar to Mindrage and Travail, but with stronger metal leanings.

"Fire Finds Beauty In Ashes" is a brutal album with sweeping melodies mixing death metal-like growls and clean vocals layered over crushing riffs. EversincevE kick the album off with "Tangled Web Of Misery" a mid-paced cruncher with bursts of speed and brutal vocals. "See Through Soul" is similar though more pummelling and "Then Fell Faith" takes the crushing riffs and adds a bleak darkness to it.

"Childless" is almost death metal in intensity and sickeningly brutal without sacrificing melody. "Hole Inside" is death metal like with a Travail-ish groove to it. Some great rhythms and heavy breakdowns.

"Old Dead Skin" is a melodic metalcore tune with some heavy brutal bits and a strong sense of melody. "Undone" is a slower piece with dark, bleak undertones.

The album also includes a couple acoustic interludes with "At The End" providing a breather with a calming passage before the next brutal assault. And the album closer "Kaia Vuggesang" whose sweet melodies are accompanied by fire sounds. A wonderfully moving tune. Fire with Beauty? A nice outro.

My first exposure to EversincevE was their cover of "O Holy Night" on the Brutal Christmas album. Their cover was beautifully brutal and I had to track down their album(s).

More on that when I take a look at their "As Pride Falls" EP coming up next.


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Have you ever done a review on August Burns Red?

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......sometimes......i talk to strangers.

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