Sunday, May 25, 2008

Decapitated Sheep

Throughout high school I had a running sheep joke going, to the point that when any of my friends found any kind of sheep item (postcard, figure, pictures, stuffed toy, you name it) they bought it for me. Though the items have stopped coming in, I still have a fondness for those woolly beasts of burden.

That said, when I was browsing a website of Christian bands years ago (I think the site was called something like punkreview however, I believe the page is now defunct) and I came across an album review for Decapitated Sheep's "Woe" I had to have it. The problem was, how do I get it? I searched high and low for it and eventually I came across an email address for the band (or at least Hope Lopez, the lead singer) and simply asked if I could buy it.

Unfortunately, they were all out of stock of the pressing of "Woe", but Hope did send me a CD-R copy of it with a personalized cover and printed off lyrics. Not the most professional packaging, but I love the personal care put into it.

So what does a band called Decapitated Sheep sound like? Let me tell you, they are not baaaaaaaaaaaad ... sorry. D.S. play raw doom/death metal with a gothic touch. "Woe" kicks off with "Seed Of Resentment" which is probably my favourite song simply cause it lingers with me long after the album is over. It's pummelling bass and thick guitars crush you with doomy riffs and Hope's resonating voice is bleak.

"Rachel" begins with a gothy bass riff and doomy vocals before getting downright morbid with thick raw guitars and sickly death metal vocals that would make Frank's Enemy proud. It's a slow piece that's bleakly melodic.

"Angst"(s) funeral doom-like opening is brutal leading into a gothy doom-laden number with a little groove. "Solace Dream"(s) thrashy riffs enhances Hope's bleak melodies all the while throwing in some Black Sabbath inspired doom bits making this a memorable tune.

"Wake The Living" starts bleakly with some extra female vocals (guest vocalist? I don't know) mixed with Hope's haunting melancholly voice creating a sombre sound varied with bursts of death metal blastbeats and sickly vocals.

"Woe" is only a demo/ep, but the production is super with a solid, thick quality and just enough rawness to keep it from being too polished. A great mix. This is a great album, highly recommended for any doom metal fan, just good luck finding a copy.

Decapitated Sheep did eventually find a label in PsychoAcoustiX Records and produced a self-titled full length release which I eagerly awaited for copies to become available. But due to the unfortunate passing of the label founder, Decapitated Sheep's full-length never made it to market. Fellow label-mates Frost Like Ashes were able to find distribution elsewhere.

Sooooo, if Hope or Paul or Tim or Brian (or any new members) of Decapitated Sheep are reading this, Please leave me a comment with how to contact you. I would love to pick up a copy of your full length album.

Now, I guess I just wait.

Coming up next week is a highly under-rated metal-core band called EverSinceEve.


Blogger anonymous jones said...

"Woolly beasts of burden"? So what do you lot do in Canada? Load up your sheep with the shopping? Hop on your sheep and head off to work? Hitch a trailer to your sheep? (I've heard stories about Canada, and this just confirms it!)

6:49 PM  
Anonymous marty baz s said...

dam! i should have done that too... spent way to long searching forsomething i knew i woulndt find. and my tape recorded copy i took from the radio is now dead. clearly thisis and old post but if you get this would you burn and post to a fellow sheep lover? (also i love doom)

7:02 PM  

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