Sunday, November 09, 2014

Warrior Soul "Losers" and "Jump For Joy"

Today's post is going feature more of a hard rock band then metal, but these guys ain't your hair band type rock.  Often referred to as acid punk, Warrior Souls style was rock based, but had a rawer, edgier sound.  They didn't stick to safe rock territory, and lyrically these guys are angry, not partying.

I first heard Warrior Soul on Much Music's Power Hour and the song was "Wasteland" which in itself is a great song and there were so many bleeps in it that what teenage boy wouldn't want to check these guys out.  That and Kory Clarke had awesome hair.  Oh ya, I went there.

Starting off with one of (if quite possibly) my favourite Warrior Soul tunes "Losers" , this song was on their debut album Last Decade Dead Century.  "Losers" is a passionate , haunting tune that I dare not call a ballad.  This song is too chilling, yet chalked full of conviction as they stand up for anyone who has ever felt out of place and different.  As someone who has always walked to a different drummer, this song really struck a chord with me.  Here's to the "Losers" !

The second song is off the bands sophomore album "Drugs, God and the New Republic".  This album also features "Wasteland" and is the first album I bought of theirs.  Simply put, the whole album is absolutely brilliant.  Not a bad song here.  Just a solid, angry rock album both too poignant to place amongst fellow rock bands of the time.  My favourite song is "Jump For Joy" which is the bands heaviest song.  It has a killer, dark riff and Kory's vocals are venomous.  Add to this the thunderous military style drumming and this song becomes an apocalyptic foreshadowing of our mankind's future.  This album could be the soundtrack.  Go on and jump up, jump up and get down.


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