Sunday, November 02, 2014

Gwar - Have You Seen Me & Faith No More - Jizzlobber

Today's post will feature another double bill.  This time I'm focusing on a couple awesome and disturbing metal tunes.  The 2 songs today are Gwar's "Have You Seen Me" and Faith No More's "Jizzlobber".  Both songs are vastly different, but equally dark and disturbing. 

Starting with Gwar's "Have You Seen Me", this song a vicious mix of light jazz and thrash metal.  Lyrically, the song is  pretty graphic more so since the versus are sung over a peppy jazz riff.  The chorus comes in crushingly heavy juxtaposed to the quiet versus.  The song does break into a speedy metal tune before bringing everything back around to the heavy chorus.  Oderus's vocals are especially fun as juggles between smooth clean tones and gruff metal ones.  

This is an odd tune which has stuck with me for years.  When listened to in the right light, it's a great song.  Out of context it's pretty messed up.  "Have You Seen Me" is taken from Gwar's America Must Be Destroyed album which is a concept album spurred to life due to some controversies around censorship during their tours.   The song is intentionally offensive, to make a statement.


Faith No More's "Jizzlobber" is just bleak, disturbing and down-right dark.  Starting off with an eerie keyboard and industrial style drumming followed by the sickeningly heavy guitars to create a horror like atmosphere.  Toss in Mike Patton's versatile voice (used to great effect here) and this turns into a very dark and sick tune.  My favourite Faith No More song too!  Once the organ outro fades in, you're left feeling dirty and ashamed. 

Go on and have a listen, then go have a shower.


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