Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dirty Beloved "Brain Bleeder"

Ottawa based rock band Dirty Beloved are back with their third outing "Brain Bleeder".  An album best describe as darker and heavier then their previous efforts, "Brain Bleeder" oozes out of the speakers into your ears beating your brain until it bleeds out your ears.

I've been chewing on the new album for a few weeks now and it grows on you.  The first thing I noticed was the amped up aggression.  Although I wouldn't call Dirty Beloved heavy metal, they do delve into metal territory at times.  You can't help but notice that right from the opening track "Priests Of Hiroshima" which happens to be one of the best songs on the album.  There is also a raw energy which is invigorating especially since this is their third outing.  Dirty Beloved have not lost their passion and continue to push forward with their sound.

The band is rooted in solid hard rock (check out the arena ready "Set it all Alight", but never restricts themselves to a single minded effort.  "Brain Bleeder" sees them throwing down some funk on the hooky "Slaves and Drones".  They brush with metal on the melodic "Karma Phala" , "Cause & Defect" and "Rise & Shine".  We even see a punk-like edge on "Mind Your Luck" which also features some delicious double bass pummeling.

Dirty Beloved steep their music in melody which gives lasting power to their songs and keeps you humming them long after listening to the album.  It's this quality that allows them to experiment without ostracizing their fan base.  It's also this sense of melody that makes me enjoy their ballads.  Here it's the haunting "No Guide", the well paced emotional centerpiece of the album.

I like this darker, heavier edge to Dirty Beloved (being a metal head at heart).  I can honestly say that the band has found their sound and still left room for surprises. 

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