Sunday, October 09, 2011

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Well it's been a long while since I've posted. I'm hoping to rectify that by getting back to regular posts. Got busy and lost my motivation, but let's not dwell on that. What brought me back? Well several things. Several new albums that are awesome (Einherjer, Mastodon, Dream Theater) and some older ones that still rock (Odds anyone?) I thought I'd start my return with Blink 182's return after an 8 year hiatus and their new album "Neighborhoods".

Like every Angels & Airwaves album that has come out, I can't get enough of this new album from blink. After a number of listens, I figured I should write something on it and here I am. Returned to my blog.

Anyone who has heard Blink's first single "Up All Night" knows that this ain't your teenagers Blink 182 anymore. "Neighborhoods" is definitely a melding of Mark, Tom and Travis's side projects, but you can't miss the Blink 182 at its heart. You won't find the juvenile lyrics anymore. I always thought Blink handled the potty lyrics very well. There was a kind of poeticism to their brand toilet humour that was acceptably offensive.

I love "Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch and Enema of The State", but "Neighborhoods" is far from those pop punk days. This album is still very much catchy and well written. Blink have matured and maybe that's why they took a long hiatus. Maybe grew up a little. The band still captures the teenage angst and emotions, just more maturely now.

The first single "Up All Night" and the album opener "Ghost On The Dance Floor" are prime Angels and Airwaves tunes. "Heart's All Gone" and "Kaleidoscope" could have been on the +44 album. Although these songs have distinctive influences by the members current projects, they are inherently Blink 182. Maybe it's the dual vocals of Mark and Tom who perform their roles flawlessly and the chaotic drums of Travis Barker, this is the logical next step to 2003's self titled release.

Overall, if you liked 2003's "Blink 182" album you'll probably enjoy this release. If you liked any of their sides projects, you'll like this. If you are hoping for "Dude Ranch" you are out of luck. The closest you're going to get to classic Blink is maybe "Natives", "Snake Charmer" or "Wishing Well". "Neighborhoods" is a solid pop/rock album with a punk edge and any fan of Blink 182 should find something to like here.

Me? Well, I simply love it all. Welcome back Blink 182!


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