Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cameron Blake - Hide And Go Seek

Cameron Blake’s new album “Hide and Go Seek” is a more folk based affair then his last couple of albums “Over & Over” and “En Route”. The previous albums were certainly rooted in folk, but Cameron embellished those albums with flourishes of jazz, gospel and rock. That’s not so much the case on “Hide and Go Seek”. Here is a collection of traditional style folk arrangements done straight forward with little in the way of experimentation.

Cameron Blake has certainly proven his creativity and exceptional song-writing skills and so I was at once a little taken aback and yet surprisingly at ease with his new album. “Hide and Go Seek” was a refreshingly enjoyable listen, and I say kudos to Cameron for taking a daring chance after setting high expectations with his eclectic and original compositions that, to this reviewer’s ears, gave folk music a modern interpretation.

Right from the start we have the somber “Every Hundred Miles” which sets the mood for the album. The finger picking rhythm and brooding cello melody envelopes the listener, allowing the next song “Never Taught Much” to lift us up into a comfort zone. “Never Taught Much” is a moving piece that builds to an emotional plateau.

The title track picks up the pace a bit, while staying rooted in somber reflection. It’s just after this song that Cameron delivers us the rousing “Down To The River” which plays like a gospel infused folk call to arms.

“Spring Sparrow” and “You Can’t Let Go” wax poetic on life, love and growing up. “Willow Tree” and “I’ll Fly Away” quietly reflect on humanity and spirituality and ease us gently out of the album, letting us ponder on life’s mysteries with a renewed passion.

The two standout songs on “Hide and Go Seek” are “Moonshiner” and “Baby Come Home”. “Moonshiner” is a haunting cover of a Bob Dylan tune. Cameron’s voice is at his most soulful here and one cannot help but be moved by his performance. “Baby Come Home” is a foot stomping, upbeat number that is the lone deviant song that drifts slightly from the traditional folk sound. The memorable melody and beat will stick with you long after the album is over. The sweet guitar solo is cool too.

“Hide and Go Seek” is 45 minutes of poetic storytelling that allows the listener to relax and enjoy the music all the while feeling emotionally and spiritually satisfied and intellectually stimulated.

Check out some samples at Cameron Blake website here and MySpace Page

Reviewed for www.wrecked.org


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