Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leaving The Past Behind

Tad Morose is a very consistent and talented band who, for some reason, remains fairly obscure in the metal arena. I've been a fan since their debut release "Leaving The Past Behind" and I am continuously baffled at how little people know of them. They are one of most under-rated bands out there. Their blend of doomy, dark power metal is top-notch with their earlier albums having a stronger gothic/progressive feel.

Tad Morose' debut album "Leaving the Past behind" starts off with Sabbath inspired "Eternal Lies". This is my favourite track here and is a fine example of progressive doom. "Voices Are Calling" and "Reach For The Sky" are sombre, haunting doom laden numbers swirling with keyboards and continuing the progressive feel.

"Way Of History" and the title track have stronger progressive elements not unlike early Dream Theater. "Save Me" is my runner-up favourite as it's a powerfully poignant piece both musically and lyrically. Vocalist Kristian Andren shines here. Kristian's soothing tones enhance the doomy/gothic feel on this album, yet they don't have quite the same grit as future vocalist Urban Breed brought.

I wouldn't say Urban is a better vocalist, but perhaps it was the more straight-forward aggression the band was moving towards that maybe Kristian stepped down by the third album. Or maybe it was his leaving and Urban's addition that led to the aggressive approach. I don't know, however, with Kristian's varied career he is by no means a slouch behind the mic and brought a lot of passion to Tad Morose. I'd be curious how the bands later discography would sound with Kristian's vocals.

Guitarist Christer Andersson (the only remaining founding member) is a riff monster, balancing doom and traditional metal styles all while heaping loads of melody into his playing. Although I prefer the heavier edge of the later albums, "Leaving The Past Behind" is a fine debut for an outstanding band.


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