Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What If Charles Manson Was Eating Fruit Loops on Your Front Porch?

Suicidal Tendencies are one of my all time favourite bands. I first heard ST on their "Feel Like Sh*t .. Deja-Vu/Controlled by Hatred" EP which is one of my favourite albums by them. I like them because their music is diverse, emotional, Mike Muir is charismatic and there is even a little spiritual side to them.

In fact "Lights Camera ... Revolution" is one of their more spiritual albums. And one of the most vulgar. I have never minded swears in songs and I feel Suicidal Tendencies use them well ... and often at times. However, the band hints at spiritual-ness on songs like "Give It Revolution" and "Send Me Your Money" with lyrics like ~We'll bow down to no other one, except The Father and His Son ~ and ~See my momma, she didn't raise no fool Cause you can't put a price on a miracle. Amen! ~

Nothing preachy, but thought-provoking. In fact, one of the things I love about ST are the lyrics. With a band name like Suicidal Tendencies you'd expect a really depressing tone, but the lyrics are often uplifting, emotional and positive. Mike Muir delivers the lyrics with one of the most passionate voices in metal. When he sings of pain, you feel it. When he sings of being cyco, I'm convinced. A very versatile and powerful frontman.

Add to Muir's conviction with equally passionate guitar work by Rocky George and Mike Clark and we get treated to some of the most melodic and moving thrash metal I've ever heard. With the thundering bass work of Robert Trujillo and the solid pounding of drummer R.J. Herrera and this is my ideal Suicidal Tendencies line-up.

"Lights, Camera ... Revolution" kicks off with what I think is the greatest ST song ever written. "You Can't Bring Me Down" is a piss fueled speedy thrash tune, aggressive and melodic. Mike's spitfire vocals are angry and powerful. "Get Whacked" and "Disco's Out, Murders In" are also fast aggressive thrash songs, albeit not as convincing.

"Alone" is virtually a thrash ballad switching from uber melodic chorus's and speedy, angry verses. A wonderful balance of passion and aggression. "Emotion #13" is a moving piece as well, though not as aggressive. "Give It Revolution" is slower and melodic with rage-filled undertones.

"Lovely" and "Send Me Your Money" are signature Suicidal Tendencies songs incorporating a funky groove to their thrash foundations thanks to Robert Trujillo. Both are super catchy with a biting satirical edge.

"Lost Again" is a mid-paced tune with crushing riffs and loads of aggression while staying melodic whereas "Go'n Breakdown" (my 2nd favourite song) is sheer crazy rage. The riffs are killer and Muir's vocals are loco. Lyrically, "Go'n Breakdown" is almost poetic with its over the top anger.

"Lights, Camera ... Revolution" is pretty much the peak of Suicidal Tendencies career. It was not all downhill mind you, but it leveled out with some inconsistency. It wouldn't be until "Suicidal For Life" that ST got crazy aggressive again. The album still holds up fairly well after 19 years. It was also a pinnacle in my early heavy metal years and will always be dear to me.


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