Monday, November 22, 2010

If I Can't Change Your Mind ...

Sugar is an Alternative rock band formed by ex-Husker Du member Bob Mould. I would even go so far as to call them grunge-like due to their biting guitar tones and sombre undertones. The bands debut "Copper Blue" is one of my favourite albums. "Copper Blue" is more then just alternative or grunge. It is chalk full of hooks and uplifting melodies all while based in a melancholic foundation.

Having never heard any Husker Du, I'm unaware of any influences or styles that may have carried over. Also, I owned the follow up EP "Beaster" for a while, but it never stuck with me and I sold it. I like "Copper Blue" so much, that I'm reluctant to check out their later albums and face disappointment. "Copper Blue" is just one of those albums that is simply great.

There is not a bad song on here. "The Act We Act", "A Good Idea" and the acoustically driven "Hoover Dam" are uplifting melodic rock songs with the formers having a thick grungy foundation. "The Slim", "Slick" are dark songs that are just downright bleak, in my opinion. But they are performed with conviction and passion and retain memorable melodies.

My favourite songs are the epicly simplistic "Hoover Dam", the lullaby-like "Man On The Moon" which I hope to put my kids to sleep with one day. "Changes" is uber catchy and emotionally stirring and is my 2nd favourite song on "Copper Blue" My favourite track is "If I Can't Change Your Mind" which is an acoustic based rock song with an old school rock vibe. It is super catchy and hopeful with an uplifting melody and a great solo.

Overall, "Copper Blue" is a great listen for those looking to listen to something a little more melodic and mellow, but doesn't shy away from it's harder edge influences. Instead Sugar embraces them and creates an album of passionate rock songs that blends the lines of some genres.

Up next, I'm going to review an album by an artist I'm far from familiar with. However, I am very familiar with the band he sets out to emulate in tribute to a fallen member that died 5 years ago.

Ryan Adam's "Orion".


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