Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Metal Church's "Metal Church & Sword's "The Trouble Is "

It's been a while since I've posted.  But I'm looking to get back into something.  I've been wanting to start running a series of posts showcasing what I consider awesome heavy metal tunes.  I'm going to stay away from most popular songs since they've been covered 'O' plenty.  I'm going to start with a double header.

The song that inspired me to start this series is Metal Church's eponymous song from their debut album.  I got into Metal Church late in the game, but I have no regrets.  The song Metal Church is 5 minutes of pure Heavy Metal glory.  From its dark atmospheric opening into it's killer signature riff through the trade off solos, drum fills and David Wayne's scratchy wale, this song is essentially perfect.  The true definition of Heavy Metal.

The next song I'd like to showcase is from the little known highly underrated Canadian band Sword.  I could pick any one of their songs for this since both of their albums are solid slabs of awesome heavy metal, but the song I tend to drift to is "The Trouble Is" off their sophomore album Sweet Dreams.  Many consider their debut Metalized the better album, but I heard Sweet Dreams first (bought the cassette for $0.50 at a bargain store) and wore that tape out long before I picked up a copy of their debut.  It's special to me.  "The Trouble Is" is a mid-paced melodic number that does not sacrifice heaviness or aggression.  The riff sticks with you and the chorus is crushing.  Add to that the gritty vocals of Rick Hughes ,who deserves a seat next to the other greats like Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford.  Rick spews his vocals with a venom seldom heard anymore.

Alright.  Stay tuned for more!


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