Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Living Sacrifice "Enthroned '98"

The song I'm showcasing today is from Christian Metal Legends Living Sacrifice and it's their song "Enthroned'98".  Not to be confused with their song Enthroned off of the album "Nonexistent".  I'm talking about the re-recorded version included on the Living Sacrifice Best of album "In Memoriam".

That's right.  The band re-recorded one of their songs (which is not unusual, Suicidal Tendencies has re-recorded half their catalogue).  The difference here is this re-recorded version is VASTLY superior to the original.

Living Sacrifice started off as a solid thrash band on their self-titled debut, but on their follow up,"Nonexistent", the band down-tuned and brought in a more death metal oriented sound.  This was all great except original vocalist Darren Johnson was just simply awful.  He was decent as a thrash vocalist, but his meager attempt at death metal is painful to listen to.  He was just to muffled with no clarity and sounded like he was inhaling all the vocals.  Completely ruins the whole album and their next one "Inhabit".

He left the band after "Inhabit" and what a benefit that was.  Living Sacrifice retained the death metal elements, with some thrash, but mostly the band shifted into Metalcore territory.  Good Metalcore territory.  However, let me get back to the song being featured.

During the "Reborn" recording sessions, the band re-recorded the song "Enthroned" with founding guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh now on vocals.  The original version is almost forgetable, but when I heard this rare new version on "In Memoriam" I was blown away.  The song is faster, with a heavier feel and Bruce's vocalists are powerful.  The song retains it's thrashy/death metal feel for the first minute before slipping into a slow atmospheric interlude for 45sec and then crushing us with a heavier then sin breakdown (the way breakdowns should be done) and finally blasting through to the end of the song leaving no head unbanged.

Go ahead and have a listen and see if this song doesn't renew your faith in heavy metal!


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