Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sepultura's "Territory"

Today is just a one off post showcasing Sepultura's song "Territory".  I remember seeing this video as a teenager as I was just starting to explore heavy metal.  I thought this song was brutal then and 20 years later, this song is still one of my all time favourite heavy metal tunes.

This song was a single of their Chaos AD album (which in itself is a massive slab of sheer heaviness as virtually every song just crushes).  Sepultura at this point were branching out from their earlier death metal / thrash roots into a hardcore metal sound with a Brazilian flavour.

"Territory" is a fine example of that.  This song has a hardcore sensibility with a killer thrashy breakdown.  Mix that with a solid tribal rhythm and socially relevant lyrics and that's a recipe for a great heavy metal tune.  If you're not banging your head by the 2:30 minute mark, you clearly have no neck.



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