Sunday, September 14, 2014

Slechtvalk - The Spoils of Treason & Twin Obscenity - The Usurper's Throne

Here is another double header of awesome heavy metal songs.  Today has a Viking Metal theme.  First off is Christian Black Metal band Slechtvalk and their Viking metal anthem "The Spoils of Treason".  Slechtvalk are essentially a melodic black metal band with Viking tendencies lyrically and some musically.  These two styles can be somewhat inter-changable.  What these two songs have in common is lyrical subject matter.  The perils of war during the middle ages.

Slechtvalk's "The Spoils of Treason" is a powerfully poignant tale of People's tired of war and go off in search of independence, only to become slave's to those whose help they sought for protection.  The melodic tremolo picking mixed with the atmospheric keyboards and Shamgar's haunting raspy vocals just oozes sorrow.  You can feel the pain these folk have suffered.  When the chorus comes in with it's deceivingly uplifting choirs is when the crushing sense of hopelessness washes over you.  Avery powerful tune.

The next song is Twin Obscenity's "The Usurper's Throne".  This is a slower melodic tune the reeks of melancholy.  The tale of a kingdom invaded and an old king dethroned.  The keyboards are haunting, the guitars are dark and the vocals are sickly.  This is just a downright bleek song.  Twin Obscenity are by far one of the most under-rated viking metal bands around, but alas they are no more.


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