Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quit Playing Games With My Mind

I discovered Eternity X while surfing around on the internet for Dream Theatre information. I browsed through their webpage and decided that I liked them. They offered a free sampler cassette, so I ordered one (all free! no shipping or anything.) and I loved it. It featured a 2 sided medley of songs off their albums and though people often said if you like Dream Theatre you'll like Eternity X (the conection of how I found them), there really is no other similarities between the groups. Eternity X is progressive, but not as heavy as D.T. that's not to say they weren't heavy at all, they just have a more hard rock sound, like Savatage or Blind Guardian.

"Mind Games" is a great album, but not my favourite. This, however, is the first album I bought of theirs at the ole' Big HMV. And I couldn't get enough of it. The album begins with the blistering opener "Firestorm" which is mid-paced and heavy and then leads into the title track which I would say is my favourite song. "Mind Games" starts with a beautiful acoustic intro and Keith Sudano's vocals are passionate. The song then kicks in with some great riff work and beautiful melodies. It has a great variety of emotions. "The Saviour and the Disease", "Viper II" are great fast progressive heavy tunes with "Viper II" being the heaviest track on the album.

"Endless Journey" and "Eternity" are gloomy and give the listener a very disoriented feel of one in search for something and they don't know what it is. "Faith" is an acousticy rock tune with a very uplifting feel and a great solo. "Crawl Before you Walk" has a fantastic riff for the chorus and a very improvised feel. The song "Despair" says it all in it's title. This is a close second for my favourite. It is piano driven with vocals that sing like a bow sweeping across my heartstrings. Such a powerfully emotional song. The album ends with the flat out heavy metal tune "Switchblade" which feels out of place in its simplicity, but man what a killer tune!

I would like to bring special mention to the song "Eulogy". It's an acoustic song played on the acoustic guitar (which is used throughout the album) given to the band by a female roady (and hardcore fan) who had passed away. The lyrics are written from her perspective as she looks down from Heaven in hopes to help those grieving for her. It is a beautiful tune and Keith's vocals just cry out with passion which feel more powerful knowing the story behind the song. It was truly written from the heart and performed with the kind of love that carries beyond death. It's absolutely amazing.

"Mind Games" is a fine album and Eternity X has a great sense for melody and song structure. They know how to bring the right feel to their music. They are one of my favourite bands, and I've just discovered that Keith Sudano is getting a new line-up together and will be releasing a new album hopefully in the fall! YYYAAAAAA!!!!!

Coming up next in my "X" theme is Symphony X, now here is a Dream Theatre clone. But they are good. I'll going on vacation in a couple of days, but I hope to have another post before I do ... We'll see.


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