Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Just Tired Of Fighting For You ...

I thought for this entry I would feature Tomorrow's Rescue' song "Leaving The Ring". The reasons are: I don't think T.R. ever had an album released (let me know if they did, I think they're great.) and that it is a wicked tune! I've only heard about 4 or 5 songs by the band and in my opinion "Leaving The Ring" is clearly their best track. I discovered this band while searching for Travail band information (I can't remember if one of Travail's members started the group or joined) and downloaded 3 tracks from, "Leaving The Ring" was one of them.

This is a great song. What else can I say?
The song starts off with an unsettling guitar riff that carries through the verses, adding little touches of hope (melody). The singer whose name eludes me and who I think has left the band now (correct me if I'm wrong) has a wonderful anguish in his voice, a kind of desperation that enhances the content of the lyrics. As the song leads into the chorus, a second vocal track bursts in screaming "I'm just Tired ..." and then overlaps in the regular vocals with "... Fighting for you ...". It's truly a heart wrenching moment where the protagonist has reached their breaking point and has just thrown in the towel.

At this point I should comment about the beautiful metaphor Tomorrow's Rescue uses for this song. "Leaving The Ring" is about a person who is struggling with a relationship that's falling apart and is torn emotionally. They love the other still, but can't keep living with the way things are. The song makes no reference to boxing, which is brilliant. The title says it all.

The chorus crescendo's with melody and then the song all but repeats itself, with minor lyrical changes. "Leaving The Ring" builds the anguish, tension and heart ache with its repetitiveness. The bridge of the song, which I compare to the protagonist finally accepting the relationship is over, slows down its pace musically while the vocalist cries out in pain which contrasts to the melodic guitarwork. Then it erupts in a fury of emotion, of a person torn between love and feeling foolish.

If you ever get a chance to hear this song, do it. It is phenomenal. You just don't get passionate songs like this that often. Speaking of passionate songs, up next I'll be reviewing Exousia's "Welcome To The Kingdom of Light" album. If you remember in a previous post about Tourniquet I mentioned Exousia's "Extreme Love" song and the passion wrought in it. But what I didn't mention was "Bebed Mi Sangra". But you have to wait to hear what I gots to say about that.


Anonymous rockerchick said... who would I know that would have a copy of this song so I could listen to it..? :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont have the "newest" collection of their songs, but I do have a handfull. Give me your email address and I can them to you. If you want Travail stuff I have that as well. I live in Ft. Worth and was an avid Travail and Logic 34(Tomorrow's Rescue's original name)listener, which then melted into one...sorta.

3:08 PM  
Blogger DPTH International said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanx for stopping by. It would be mighty fine of you to send along some songs, I love Travail as well, but have only downloaded a few tracks. My email is:

Thanx Again for stopping by!


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