Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Noah Sat Down And Had A Coffee

Mortification put Christian death metal on the map and opened the doors for a wide variety of extreme Christian metal. Steve Rowe's production company, Rowe Productions, is responsible for helping out a number of bands as well. Mortification blends thrash, Death Metal, elements of Hardcore, and Grindcore into a musical catalogue more diverse than Suicidal Tendencies.

The album I'll review first is "EnVision Evangeline". This album was recorded during the more thrashy era and carries a lot of influence from ManOwar, most notably the bass guitar. In fact it's a mix of ManOwar and Sepultura. "Envision..." has a lot of melody and some very memorable songs. Starting off with the epic 18 minute title track that ease's
us in with a catchy uplifting signature riff that carries through the song. Though it is long "Envision Evangeline" doesn't get boring. There are some good thrashy elements and classical bits to give the song diversity and that epic feel.

The rest of the album follows the same pattern of good melodic thrash and catchy hooks. "Northern Storm" and "Crusade For The King" are headbanger's with good thrash rhythm. "Jehovah Nissi" is Triumphant in its call to arms feel and "Chapel Of Hope" is as close to a thrash ballad as one might get with it's inspiring feel.

The heaviest track is "Buried Into Obscurity" which comes close to Mortifications death metal roots. But my favourite track has got to be "Noah Was A Knower" which is a fast thrash tune. Though not as melodic, it is a great sing a long song. How could you not belt out lines like "40 Days and 40 Nights. Smelly Animals all around." and "100 years of real hard work, Noah sat down and had a coffee." I've always thought it would be neat to do metal songs around stories in the Bible and Mortification does just that.

Though I tend to lean towards Mortifications death metal stylings, I have to admit "Envision Evangeline" is a very good album and one I look forward to listening too.
Next I'll be reviewing a band high on my list of good christian metal and they are Paramaecium, a doom/death metal outfit that is fantastic. So up next will be "Exhumed Of The Earth".


Anonymous rockerchick said...

Smelly animals all around...never quite thought about Noah's ark that way!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous HeavenRocks said...

hey thats cool.. even i was struck by the song " noah was a knower..." brilliant one...

10:48 AM  

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