Saturday, April 22, 2006

Summoning, The Loud Music of the Sky!

Like the creation of Middle Earth, Summoning's album "Stronghold" is a symphony of creation and perfect mix of atmospheric black metal and the medieval feel that is Middle Earth. This, I feel, is Summoning's best work. This is what I think that Protector (Richard Lederer)and Silenius (Michael Gregor have to this point been working towards musically. Even still, their follow up to "Stronghold" ("let mortal hereos sing their fame", previously reviewed) just didn't quite match.) "Like Some Snow White Marble Eyes" is a perfect example of guitars and keyboards used together to create a very majestic sound. This a powerful song. "A Distant Flame Before The Sun" is another majestic tune and as the final song incorporates more dialogue sampling with 1000's cheering as warriors would for their King. Very fitting to end with. And who doesn't want to sing a long to "The Rotting On The Deadly Ground" it has a very catchy chorus. But if ever there was a *fun* black metal song, it's "The Glory Disappears". This has ,again, a dark edge to it but a very chaotic melodic chorus.... fantastic and clearly the stand out track.

This is a fantastic album for Summoning and shows real growth. Just like Rivendell's sophmore effort "Elven Tears", coming up next to finish my Lord of the Rings Theme Posts.


Anonymous rockerchick said...

I don't think Snow White had marble eyes..

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