Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thrash Under Pressure

Exodus was my next step into the heavier side of Metal. I can thank my Stepbro for introducing me to this Album. However, he doesn't know that he introduced me to this album. Still in my highschool years, I would sneak into said Stepbro's room and borrow his metal tapes, make a copy for myself and then put back. I don't know why I never just asked, but ah well(I was always careful with them). If your reading this Stepbro, Thanks! This is one heck of a Thrash album.

Exodus is one of the Bay Area thrash bands from the early '80's and helped define American Thrash. This is not their first album, but the first one featuring new singer Steve Sousa. And this is the first Exodus album I would own .... a copy of ... I had to buy the blank cassette .... Anywho, this album is great! Fast and Heavy. The lyrics can be a little cheesy, but Steve's "pissed off chipmunk" vocals pull them off nicely. Steve's singing is very distinct, though I've heard other metal vocalists who are similar (copycats ???) but you can't help but recognize the intricate thrash riffing by Gary Holt. You can't mistake that guitar work anywhere. Gary is one of the main songwriters and is also the only original member of Exodus left, which is why they have kept a very recognizable sound. This I would say is my 2nd favourite album of theirs (The 1st being Impact Is Imminent reviewed at a later date) with stand out tracks as the galloping "Parasite" the guitar pounding "Deranged" and "Choose Your Weapon" and the evil sounding "Til Death Do Us Part". Despite the corny lyrics of "Chemi-Kill" I just love this song, some great riffin'. My favourite track would have to be "Brain Dead". This mid-paced thrasher is a heavy, dark brainmashing tune! And one wicked riff too! Though Exodus have not been as successful as say Metallica or Megadeth, they have chiseled a decent career with some very stylish thrash. "Cause when the chips are down, you'll never see them frown, you'll only see Thrash Under Pressure!"

In my next post I'll be featuring Dead Can Dance, the last band to have a large influence on my future metal path. I can thank Stastyboy for this gem too!

(Note: Other bands borrowed from Stepbro, "Death Angel", "Voivod", "Dayglo Abortions", and some others, I think I've forgotten. Some will be reviewed later. Oh and Thanx Again!)


Anonymous SIL said...

I can't believe they have trading cards..

9:20 AM  
Blogger Carl said...

The crazy thing to me is that you have those Heavy Metal trading cards! I had like the whole set. I originally went to college to be a youth minister (since changed paths to pharmacist), but I was the only kid EVER to go to that college and use my Dave Mustane trading card as a Bible book mark! LOL. Great site. Keep the metal alive. If you can, try to dig up some Christian metal... some of it was pretty good (The ones I dug and still dig are The Crucified, Vengeance Rising, the first couple Tourniquet albums, Bride, and Scaterd Few).

7:37 AM  

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