Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Look What the Cat couldn't bring itself to purchase from a Store

Well I thought I'd get started with the album that influenced the route my music taste would take. I was 11 or 12 years old (I can't remember)and sitting around with some friends who were a little older, one owned this tape and while his parents were out we'd crank this up and goof around. At the time I thought this was great (despite the gender bending cover)I mean I listened to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" but this album had a swears in it! Of course I was young back then and things have changed. I still love this album, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it new or used. I just couldn't carry it to a counter and pay for it... I couldn't! My music taste has branched to Thrash/Speed metal and extreme metal so for me I was slighty ashamed. Can you blame me? Look at the band AND the cover! And in my opinion Poison wussed out in future albums. "Look What The Cat Dragged In" is the only one I own(digitally....Thank goodness for itunes!) They had a couple of decent tunes later on but nothing I cared about.

So besides the sentimentality of it, this album rocks. With classic tunes like "I Want Action" "Talk Dirty to me" and "Let Me Go To The Show" (the swears song!) Great riffs and wailing solos! C.C. DeVille was fantastic on guitar. There are a few forgettable songs such as "Play Dirty & #1 Bad Boy" not bad tunes just filler. I still think the title track is one heavy tune. Mid-paced and sludgy... kind of like someone who's woken up after a night of debauchery. This is an album of catchy fun songs, but I'd like to make special mention of "I Won't Forget You" which to this day is one of my favourite songs! And I'll proudly admit it. It's an inspiring ballad that sings of broken relationships, but cherishes the time shared together. No bitterness or anger or hurt, no please forgive me-ness or you've done me wrongs, just sorry it didn't work out, but I won't forget you. Just brilliant (Tesla is another band that wrote great love songs, but that's another entry). And the music. The solos, the picking and that intro...who wouldn't know that solo. Overall this not an album I listen to a lot, but will always be one that I'm embarrassed to own.

Up next will be KISS's "Hot in the Shade" ....


Blogger Useless Man said...

Was this the album that had "Every Rose has a Thorn"? I'm not up on my Poison music-ology.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous RockerChick said...

Wow..those guys are uber-glam. I can see why you were embarassed to buy it.

8:08 PM  

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