Monday, May 08, 2006

Born Again Metalhead ...

Living Sacrifice is a heavy freakin' band. There I said it, it's out there and I stand by my statement. If you are into extreme metal or metalcore no matter your beliefs, you should be listening to Living Sacrifice. They have had a consistent career of great music. Discovered by Kurt Bachman of Believer fame who in turn got them a record contract, Living Sacrifice have re-iterated what Believer and others started, and that is smashing the image that Christian Music is boring. I want to start off with a review of "In Memoriam" which is not so much a greatest hits, but a collection of songs that showcase their 13 year career as well as 3 killer new tunes!

The album blasts into you with the 3 new tracks starting with "In Christ" which is my favourite track. It is heavy with a wicked riff and lyrics that are unashamed and defiant. The tune hits you as a reminder that L.S. are Christian and can still blow your speakers even after a 3 year hiatus. "The Power of God" continues that boldness with its melodic death metal feel, and "Killers" rounds out the new tracks with a fast sweet riff.

"Symbiotic" and "In the Shadow" are fine examples of Slayer like thrash, fast with wailing solo's. At one point in their career the vocals got a bit too muffled, like they were singing and inhaling at the same time, as if they weren't getting enough oxygen, and the vocals lost a lot of their melody. This can heard on "Breathing Murder", "In The Shadow" and especially "Distorted" and"Haven Of Blasphemy". Mind you these are freakin' killer tunes, but the vocals can be a little distracting. However, if look at it with a positive angle it does give the tunes a darker edge.

Living Sacrifice are an extreme metal band, I would even say death metal, but they land in the metalcore category. "Bloodwork", "Local Vengeance Killing" and "In Christ" are fine examples and I tend to like this style more. I'm a slow and chunky kind of metal head.

"Obstruction" is another great thrash influenced tune with mid paced riff work that'll get any head banging. The stand out track (next to "In Christ") is "Enthroned '98". This song blasts into you with blistering force before slowing it down and pounding you with a heavy riff that would make any faltering metalhead renounce their post-hardcore leanings and be born again!

"In Memoriam" is a fine example of an outstanding metal career and reminder that Christians know how to rock!

No Christian metalhead's collection is complete without some Mortification. If you are Christian and like music (any style) then you are bound to have at least heard of Steve Rowe and Mortification. They did for extreme metal what Stryper did for heavy metal. Up next ..... "Envision Evangeline"


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What exactly is metalcore..?

And 'I'm a slow and chunky kind of metal head"..heheh, you're not slow honey.. :)

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