Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tardiness is a flavour I could do without ....

It's now been a week without a post and I apologize. I've been on vacation and have too busy. I have not stopped listening to my music or even stopped buying new music, I just haven't made review notes and such, so bare with a couple more days, and I'll be back on track. Till then, check my two new links! Carl is a loyal reader and one of the first (Thanx Carl!) His record collection is more up your alley Nole's and Middletoe, and is quite insightful. Cross Metal is one I've just discovered (and by discovered I mean Lex left me a comment and I check his blog out) and is about Christian Metal, though more on updates of bands and music old and new. It's very informative.

And as always there is Useless Men. I'm a contributor on this blog (I'm One Useless Brother!)along with 5 others and the daily posts (sans weekends) are always funny. I may be contributor, but I'm also a loyal reader!

Be back soon!


Anonymous rockerchick said...

Say, who is that person you're talking to in the first shot? He looks very nice. :P

10:42 AM  

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