Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Humppa Day

So as I was saying, Christianity throughout history has had some black marks on it. I blame Man for such atrocities done "In the name of God" and as such, I can certainly understand why some cultures do not like Christianity. I've never understood the need to force one opinion and beliefs on another. I've always prided myself on being open to different cultures and beliefs and I thank my Uncle Eric who once told me ~ I worship God, not religion ~ and that's always stuck with me and strengthen my personal relationship with God.

Even though I may be damning myself, it is with this line of thought that I eventually picked up some Finntroll albums. You see, I had listened to a Finntroll album years ago, and I liked it, but I was hung up on the killing Christians subject, but drawn by the wackiness of trolls. You see, the major lyrical subject of Finntroll is Trolls and Goblins killing Christians. I was torn, but in the end I decided that though they specify Christianity, they don't knock God or Jesus Christ and well you can't blame a culture that has had its roots and own religion suppressed by Christian men to be all hunky dory with it. But alas, let me get into the music ...

Finntroll is folk metal at it's finest often breaking into humppa's (which is a Finnish type of polka) and combining black/Viking metal stylings. It is really quite a unique sound. The album I'll be reviewing today is "Jaktens Tid" (translates as "The Time Of The Hunt"). The lyrics are written and sung in Swedish (because it sounds more trollish ?!?) but thanx to the internet, I can find translations. Some of their other releases come with translations or English summaries. "Jaktens Tid" opens and closes with dark ambient music like winds and cymbals and bookends the album in a nice dark fantastical feel. The songs are "Krig" (Intro) and "Tomhet Och Tystnad Harska" (outro).
You have the fast folk influenced songs like "Skagons Hamnd" and "Den Hornkronte Konungen (Rirfaderstron)" and the speedy "Kyrkovisan". These are all fast heavy and folky. "Krigsmjod" has some nice riffwork with a majestic sound and "Vargtimmen" has a folky intro and a rock feel.

The Hummpa heavy songs are "Fodosagan" which is dark and heavy with a dancy percussion/accordion/acoustic mix happening. And my favourite track "Salget Vid Blodsalv" with bombastic oompa opening to its accordion melody it's fantastic. It has a little Bal-Sagoth feel as well. The instrumental "Bakon Varje Fura" is almost soundtrack like with its orchestration and the ballad stylings of "Aldhissla" is epic at over 6 min (epic for these guys) and is full of passion; dark heavy and sorrowful. The traditional sounding folk song hidden at the end of the disk is quite nice and shows that these musicians are whole heartily rooted in folk music.

The album is just fun and comical at times, but never cheesy. It may take some getting used to, but with an open mind, the polka metal mix is quite exciting ...
now if only they weren't killing Christians .... In the end, I've been laxing over the years as I've been exploring my own viking roots and love of folk music and metal. This style of metal is rooted in celtic/pagan/viking folklore and often deal with battles against Christianity, but it allows for a more thought provoking musical experience.

Up next is the folk metal album that began my journey....


Blogger Chana said...

hi there..i'm sorry for i see i missed your last post..silly me..must have been out getting drunk, picking up guys-yeah, that is

anyhoo, i sure hope you are not going to loose your soul because of your choice in some music..i don't know that it works like that..i much rather think that your heart will be much more important in such matters..and consdering what a softie and kind and loving person you have shown to be, i doubt this is an issue..

now that i've interrupted your very manly post with much, pls continue on ;p

10:12 PM  
Blogger Chana said...

ahhh, you melt my cold, grumpy heart with comments like the one i just read...okay, so maybe not horribly cold but grumpy yeah, lol...okay maybe not terribly grumpy but did you melt my heart, Oh yes!!!!

thank you...big smile, see :)

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