Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Apple A Day ....

Greg Minier the guitarist from The Crucified recorded a couple of side projects while working with The Crucified. One was called Minier which from what I've heard is a thrash album in which he performs all the instruments (I've never heard it, I think it is pretty rare) and a project called Applehead which he as well performs all the instruments, but this time he brought in some guest musicians. The only album released "Meaning" I'll be reviewing here. I should state that I only have a downloaded version of the album off of Kazaa, but like the Minier project, this album is a hard one to find.

Applehead is quite different than The Crucified. The music here is more of a dirty rock. Some say there are doom influences, but I find there's not enough to really group it as that. Maybe I just don't know enough doom music. "Meaning" kicks off with a very hooky riff and mid-paced rocker that is "Revolutionary". It's catchy and groovy with some nice solo work. "Crutch", "SOT" and "Revelation" are all hooky groove laden dirty rock tunes.

The doom influences as far as I can tell come out on "Six Feet Under" which is almost thrash like in chunkiness and "Eyes Of A Foolish Man". Other styles present are the bluesy ballads, such as "Thoughts" and the title track "Meaning" which are smooth, sweet and melodic. tAnd the power metal stylings of "Monkey On My Back" and the Iced Earth influenced mellow rocker "Intermittent You" which closes out the album.

The stand out tracks here are the instrumental "Revelation" which is melodic and features some uplifting guitar work. My favourite song is "Crutch" which as I said is a catchy rock song, but it also has a melodic moving bridge and an inspiring guitar solo accompanied by rhythm acoustic guitar and organ. It's really quite nice.

I wouldn't call Greg Minier a virtuoso or anything, but he does craft some pretty catchy songs here. I think I prefer his punky/thrashier side though. This album is spiritual, but that is not the focus which leads me to think that perhaps he wanted to take The Crucified in another direction and may be impart what lead to their disbanding. But that's just my thoughts. Coming up next ... if Pantera were a Christian band...?


Blogger anonymous jones said...

You have just rounded up some of the bands on the holiday CD that I had to listen to for a total of about 8 hours recently! We had a few more though, like Underoath, Stavesacre, Still Breathing, Mortification (of course) and my favourite: Demon Hunter! (They have a great self titled album which I recommend, though they are generally hard to categorize.) I contributed around 0.5% of the tracks to that CD: nature recordings from "A Walk in the Rainforest" and "Call of the Ocean" - it was pretty weird juxtaposed with the metal!

10:27 PM  
Anonymous SkeptiC said...

Never heard of The Crucified. If this guy is classified by some as being kind of doom metal oriented, that could be interesting. Im definitely a doom style metal fan.
Thanks for coming by the site.
I didnt notice before that your site seems to be based around Christian Metal. Thats cool. I know I mentioned it before, but I do have a few christian metal CDs. Including Mortification, a couple others that I cant think of the name. I recently got one from a friend of a band called FROST LIKE ASHES. Very heavy and completely in the style of Black Metal. Very interesting, and very good.

Talk to ya later.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Liandri said...

please man, I will really need this album. Applehead - Meaning! please, up in the Mediafire or Rapidshare for me! I'm from Brazil and I don't have money for import this CD =/

6:50 PM  
Blogger DPTH International said...

Hi Liandri, thanks for stopping by my blog. The copy I have of Applehead - Meaning is downloaded and not the actual CD.

I do not want to get involved in file sharing site (not because of moral issues)simply because my old computer crapped out because of Kazaa and I don't want to go through that again.

6:52 AM  

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