Sunday, October 15, 2006

They Are Directed Youth

The Crucified were a punk/thrash hybrid band similar to "Crossover" era DRI. Their earlier demos were more punk. "The Crucified" their self titled debut album is where the thrash elements come out more. More accurately though they sound like early Suicidal Tendencies mixed with early Deliverance (the Christian thrash band).

The album starts off with slow chunkiness on "The Pit" before the S.T. style blistering chorus breaks in. This sets the stage for albums style. Slow, fast, fast, slow. It doesn't have a lot of variation, but it's a good and solid punky thrash album. It's got heavy crunchy guitar riffing, blistering solos and freakin' fast thrash.

With "Unity", "A Guy In A Suit and the Pope", "Rise" and "One Demon To Another" you're treated to fine fast thrashy songs complete with wailing solos and crisp, charged vocals by Mark Saloman. Guitarist Greg Minier may not be breaking new ground here, but he throws together some excellent riffs and catchy hooks. Greg's playing is better defined on his side project Applehead (which is more like doom rock and will be reviewed here later). The punk influence comes out on songs "Your Image" and "Confidence" with the later having an almost Anthem rock feel.

The stand out tracks here are "Getting A Grip On Things" which is groove laden. "Hellcorn" and "The Insult Circus" which have a darker edge to them and a call and answer vocal styling. The album closer sums up the bands purpose with a punk like shout out of ~United, united in Christ (repeated)~ which is what the bands goal was, to glorify God. My favourite song I would say is "Your Image" which is a punky thrash tune with groove influences. The song itself isn't much different from most other tracks but I like the subject of the lyrics which are about ego and image centric. Of people more concerned about what people think of them that they would push aside their own beliefs ~You turned your back on God, to be a crowd pleaser~ The lyric comes out crisp and clear, it just hangs in the air with you a while before you focus back onto the song.

Ironically, the band broke up and album or so later due to spiritual differences in relation to the bands future. "The Crucified" is a good album, and I love their early punk work, but the band really came together on "The Pillars Of Humanity" album, which unfortunately I only have about 2/3 of by downloading ... ya I know ... but it's hard to find .... ah well, coming are a couple more spiritual based bands before I get into the Halloween spirit.


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