Thursday, August 31, 2006

Metal Is War !

Sacred Steel is another power metal band from Germany with a Manowar like vow of True Metal. And with "Bloodlust" this holds quite true. "Bloodlust" is a heavy dark metal album with loads of melody without the use of keyboards. The story behind this concept is vague in its complexity and reminds me of the lyrical styling of Absu. Something about Elder gods, sorcerers and magic, dark legions and the death of Tyrant King. Oops, I just spoiled the ending ... uhm , sorry... It's defiant, and battle hungry. However, concept story aside, this is a bludgeoning metal assault.

No intro here (well a mild acoustic bit) but the album just descends into the fast and melodic darkness that is "Stormhammer". The first vocals are a narrative style death metal. This death metal vocal intro starts us off on "The Oath Of Blood" as well. It's a nice touch and brings a brutalness to the songs. "Oath .." has a great thrash like riff and a sort Manowar-ish call to arms feel.

"Lust For Blood", "Metal Is War" and "Blood On My Steel" are all fine power metal songs. They are hooky with anthemic leanings and melody provided by guitars and vocals by Gerrit Mutz. "Sacred Warriors Of Steel" and the album closer "Throne Of Metal" both feature keyboards. The intro to "Sacred ..." has a church organ quality providing a dark touch to the song, but is quickly cut off by the melodic riffwork of rhythm guitars. "Throne Of Metal" 's keys are more of majestic male choral style often featured in Manowar songs. They are subtle here, but add a nice epicness to the ending of this album.

The stand out tracks for me are "Master Of Thy Fate" with its acoustic intro and melodic ballad like vocals. The song then moves into a defiant ,I'll do what I please, tone with mid paced riffing and a sing along chorus. It's a dark and passionate tune. However, in a unpredictable turn (I tend to prefer the melodic emotional tunes), my favourite track is "Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate". This is a dark, thrashy song which is fast and crushing. The drum work takes on a hammering feel and pound the heck out of you. And through the chorus's they incorporate some of the death metal vocals as a background so the regular vocals have a demonic feel. Very nice indeed.

This is the only Sacred Steel album I own, and probably the only one I will own, but it is fine piece of power metal and highly recommended. I should note that Gerrit Mutz's vocals take a bit of getting used to. They are not all wailing and screeching as often found in power metal, but more baritone-ish almost doom like. The accent is quite distinguishable, which is unusual, but once I was used to it, I can't imagine the album without it. They rather enhance the mood of the music and helps it stand out from other power metal outfits.

Well that's all (for now) on fantasy/sci-fi metal, my next post will be much different then what I've been dealing with lately .... maybe even a little shocking .... but mostly just different.


Blogger DPTH International said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanx for stopping by. It would be mighty fine of you to send along some songs, I love Travail as well, but have only downloaded a few tracks. My email is:

Thanx Again for stopping by!


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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Nice blog. I have heard of these guys, but never heard them.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Rhodeislandrock said...

I have Sacred Steel's debut, Reborn In Steel (1997). I haven't listened to it in a long time but I remember that I didn't enjoy it. I haven't really revisited the band, and I always mean to, I think it's the name that always gets me.

11:22 AM  
Blogger anonymous jones said...

Yeah, sorry about the Arthurian thesis I left on your blog; my brain just likes to vomit up information every now and then and doesn't know when to stop! The worst thing is it's always about something really daggy! Like the other day I blabbed on to someone about Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem Locksley Hall - pompous twit of a poem with dreadful racism and bigotry and sexism - (like the bit where he says women are lesser men with shallower brains! Yes! WOMEN! There's a historical Useless Man for you ...) anyway, I just rabbited on and on about it like OH NO I AM DOING NOW! Sorry. I'll stop here.

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Blogger Chana said...

little different you say? even shocking? my, my, i can't wait..hope you are having a fav time with your brother in your road trip...

10:13 PM  
Blogger José Carlos Santos said...

awesome band, one of my underrated favourites!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Chana said...

glad to know that trip was a success...i can't wait to read you post all about it (hint, hint) :) ...i love hearing of brothers or dads and sons or moms and daughters (get the idea i'm sure) spending one on one time together..i think that is marvelous..glad you both did that..

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