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Do Not Adjust Your Blog. We Are In Control Of The Fibre Optics Now ...

Voivod is a Canadian band out of Quebec who have been around for a long time. My first exposure was their "Nothingface" album (which I "borrowed" from my step-brother) but alas I can't remember what I thought of it. But that made me aware of them and when I saw they had a new album (new at the time) I checked it out. That album was "The Outer Limits". This album was not well received at all. I don't see why, it's great! It has very catchy and memorable songs far more than their last 2 albums featuring the return of original singer Denis Belanger (who departed after touring The Outer Limits). I think it's because Voivod mellowed out for this release. Got more progressive.

"The Outer Limits" takes off with driving hooks and catchy lyrics on "Fix My Heart" and continues to reel you in with "Moonbeam Rider". The styles on these tracks are more rock based with progressive elements and it really pulls the listener in. Each song feels like a soundtrack to a sci-fi film especially on tracks "Le Pont Noir" and Time Warp". Both tracks have a darker edge and create an unsettling atmosphere within the song. And Belanger's drone-like vocals on "Le Pont Noir" is a nice touch and enhances the mood.

Then there is the epic 18 minute song "Jack Luminous" which plays out with enough variety to not get boring but not so much as to make it sound like different songs. It's spacey with loads of fine guitar work and plenty O hooks to keep our toes tapping.

"Lost Machine" is the heaviest track here with mid paced thrash style riffing. It is also epic in its lyrical content about an enslaved human race. It's a sci-fi novel packaged as a 6 minute metal song.

The Album closes with 2 catchy hook laden songs "Wrong Way Street" and "We're Not Alone". Both are energetic and rhythmic while staying spacey and atmospheric.

I can't really say solidly if I have a favourite track on this album cause every song is great and compliments each other. But if I had to choose and I know you'll make me, then I would say it's their cover of Pink Floyd's "The Nile Song". It's passionate, powerful and anthemic in intensity. Great solo work as well.

Overall I think Voivod have done good with this album. Sure it may a step mellower, but it still has the signature Voivod sound. I love it and it's one of those albums that I itch to listen to. Like a science fiction novel, it's thought provoking, exciting and fun. It reaches into your deepest inner mind, to The Outer Limits...

... Please Stand By.


Blogger Chana said...

well hello my friend, may i? wrote a pretty funny and entertaining answer are doing such a great job there and here...hope you are handling the heat...

8:51 PM  
Blogger anonymous jones said...

Is that a woman in the middle and is she actually sporting a she-mullet? I guess heavy metal all comes down to the hair-do.

6:34 PM  
Blogger José Carlos Santos said...

great review. voivod is one of my favourite bands ever. 'dimension hätross' is just surreal. it still hurts to think that piggy is not around anymore.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

well thank you for not listening..i did mean no comments but the reasons were wrong ones...when i saw all the love and support i realized how wonderful it felt and how much i needed it.

your words are incredibly correct. thank you. i have much work to do. i have to be stronger and much less supseptible to the ups and downs of other's emotions. i believe in myself and feel worth of all the goodness in the world but not 100% of the time..when there is trouble like that night i get all worried and start second guessing myself. the way my heart fears it, is i guess that because of who she is, if she feels that way than maybe there is something to it..but i know that is just pain talking..i just have to remember that for next time. she has since said the word sorry. and so everything was dropped and on we go. family is the most important thing for me. my dad died and my sis, her 2 kids and my mom and of course my 5 kids are what i have here in has to work. i'm spanish, their is nothing bigger than family. and besides forgiveness is important. i can't ask God to forgive my whoppers on a daily basis if i don't return the favor to others... i just have to be stronger and not let anyone tear me down. i'm better at that. i ended a bad marriage and now stand up to my sis and me, before i would just stand there and not a beep, no matter what was being done...

anyyways, i hope you and the beautiful wife have a great long wknd. be careful as the news say this is the worst wknd for accidents of all sorts..just heard that-yikes...take care and have fun..and thank you again for caring..


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