Monday, July 31, 2006

Get A Gryp ...

Gryp is a Christian metalcore (though often referred to as Rapcore for some reason. They don't rap ...??!?! but whatever) group from California. These guys play a chaotic hardcore style reminiscent of Stabbing Westward though Curtis's vocals are harsher with a vomiting feel. Korn comes to mind as does Faith No More as far as vocal stylings and the range Curtis uses for each song adds a lot of passion and emotion unique to each song and feels more thought out than just screaming.

Gryp is another band I discovered originally browsing through (Christian music review site) and downloaded a number of tracks via Kazaa. I have bought their self titled sophomore CD, but alas it was used. I try. On to the music.

"Gryp" is their second release, but actually features "2002 remix's" of 5 songs. The difference's are not too drastic. They are a bit tighter and maybe a little faster, but both versions are done well. The album starts out by vocally scratching our eyes out with "Change My Name" as well as setting a dark and brooding mood for the album. The Stabbing Westward sound is mostly in the rhythm guitar work, bass work and Curtis' clean vocals.

The first remix is "Left Behind" which is a dark melodic song with a psychotic break down and thought provoking lyrics. The other remix's are "Can't Explain", "Ungrateful" , "Good Enough" and "Heal Me Back". "Heal Me Back" and "Ungrateful" have some great guitar manipulation akin to Living Sacrifice and maybe early Disturbed. "Heal..." is crunchy and "Ungrateful" is dark. My favourite of the remix's and tied for favourite track is "Good Enough". It has a subtle foreboding bass line throughout the song and expressive freaky (Korn like) vocals that almost breech death metal territory at times in their intensity. A very dark and moving song.

There are a couple of instrumentals as well "Airlock" and "Crash". "Crash" is really just chaotic noise and sound effects but "Airlock" is quite catchy with a great beat and a guitar squeak not unlike Anthrax's guitar work on "Bring Tha Noize" with Public Enemy. It's almost Tribal in an industrial way.

My other favourite track is "Save Me". This is their most radio accessible song, at least sound wise (Left Behind got some radio play)and is a bit more upbeat. Quite the contrast to "Good Enough" which precedes it. The signature guitar riff is hooky and pulls you right in and the song is very sing along friendly. Lyrically it deals about ones struggle to save themselves from themselves and realizing it's through Jesus. The solo is fun too.

Overall Gryp is a great band with loads of potential. Unfortunately, they have disbanded so that's that.

Up next I'll be treating you all to some fantasy/ sci-fi metal (not lord of the Rings based either) so stay tuned, I have some doozies ...


Blogger Chana said...

i loved the story of you and your brother and the you for making me feel way better for finding stuff from the ex's time....

your mom is a very lucky lady to have sons like the two of you.

10:44 PM  
Blogger José Carlos Santos said...

they don't exactly sound like something i'd love to bits, but your enthusiasm got me so i'll give them a try anyway.

i am quite anxious for the next post, though. :)

2:34 AM  
Blogger JODSTER said...

The best rock bands are the ones that have a logo you can carve into your binder in high school!

6:10 AM  

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