Sunday, November 25, 2007

He Is The One That Scores ...

On Blink-182's debut release on Cargo Records the band hones in the melodic punk sound they would become famous for. "Cheshire Cat" sees the re-recording of some of the better songs from "Buddha" as well as some new songs. Though the quality still sound mildly muddled, it is largely improved.

The toilety humour is ever-present with songs like "Does My Breath Smell", "Ben Wah Balls" and "Depends" but song quality isn't ignored for the jokes. These are fun melodic and hooky. "Just About Done" is a throw away goofy, noisy song predating modern scream-core with a heavier riff. A one off.

Of the re-recordings "Rebecca & Romeo", "Fentoozler" and "Strings" all receive better production while retaining the catchiness and melody. "Strings" however, is a great song except for the damned chorus. It just sounds stupid.

"Wasting Time", "M&M's" and "Peggy Sue" are new songs that punkiliciously catchy and harmonic with great melodies and memorable. The sound is moving towards what would become distinctly Blink-182.

My Favorite songs and the ones that best represent the future Blink sound is the re-recorded version of "Carousel" that opens this album as well with its vamped up guitar/bass intro and edgier sound. Uber melodic and memorable and as I said in the previous post, one of the bands best songs. The track I skip to most though is "Touchdown Boy". The riff work here would become signature on the bands next album "Dude Ranch" and the lyrics are playfully relevant and relatible. A great chorus and very catchy.

"Cheshire Cat" is a huge improvement to the bands sound and significant in the bands future success. However, I still feel this album seems a little too juvenile to the point it seems forced. This would be remedied on "Dude Ranch" with a better balance of toilet humour and heartfelt lyrics as well as a rawer, punkier sound.

That's coming up next Sunday.


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