Sunday, November 11, 2007

That Which Is Breathing Tends To Die

Paramaecium's 4th and last album (sigh) is a gothy doom metal opus and Paramaecium's best since "Exhumed Of The Earth".

Once again, Andrew Tompkins returns with a new line-up for a final outing and puts his all into this outstanding album. "Echoes From The Ground" is another concept album about a man whose questioning his faith in God and in doing so travels overseas to the Holy Land in search of spiritual confirmation. The lyrics are bold, reflective and thought-provoking which enhances the doom somberness.

That's one thing I've always liked about Paramaecium. You can feel the passion of their spirituality boldly in their lyrics, but they are reflective and thought-provoking without being preachy and turn or burn.

"Echoes From The Ground" starts off with a haunting lone violin that pierces the soul and opens you up for the oncoming doom/death assault. "Night Fears Mourning" kicks in with a crushing riff version of the violin melody with an up-lifting and hopeful turn.

"The Chosen Land" also uses violin solo melodies intermixed with the sludgy guitars and death metal vocals. It's rhythmic with some cool drum work. "I" is more gothy with clean male whispers and vocals creating a dark and haunting tune.

"They Tend To Die" is bleak and dark slow crunchy doom song with some female vocals. "My Failing Heart" is hauntingly hooky with a nice mix of death metal vocals and soprano reminiscent of Exousia's "Extreme Love". It's uber catchy to the point of almost poppy. But Not.
"Over The Sea" and the album closer "Echoes" are pretty straight forward doom/death metal tunes. Sludgy and slow.

"Over The Sea" is a little more gothic whereas "Echoes" is a little more eerie with it's use of clean male vocals, violin and female vocals.

Overall, this is a well balanced album with a good mix of vocal stylings. At times I found the death metal vocals monotonous on "Within The Ancient Forest" which I felt was remedied on "A Time To Mourn" and carried through here on "Echoes From The Ground"

It's a shame that the band will no longer be spewing forth slow crushing death/doom dirges, but "Echoes ...." is one Heavenly way to go out.


Blogger Louisiana said...

i think no matter what each of our taste in music is we all have the same needs underlining. we all want to be moved, feel the passion in the song and we want great lyrics..

i'm so happy that music is such an important part of your being. it is for me too, just different type..

i like the cover pic of this album. it reminds me of how it all has a time, a beginning and an end.


good to have had your visit. i feel honored, lol.


11:46 PM  
Blogger anonymous jones said...

So if you could only buy one, or say if it was as a present for someone, which one of Paramaecium's albums would you pick?

5:46 PM  

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