Sunday, February 11, 2007

Attack Of The Killer Tomato's! ... Uh, Sorry, They Just Need A Hug ...

Headview is an Ottawa, Ontario band who I never would have heard of if my Wife hadn't been working with the cousin(?) or something of one of the band members (I don't know which one). All the same, this co-worker of my Wife's was selling copies of Headview's album "Sad Tomato" and my Wife asked if I would like a copy and I said sure why not. At this point in my life I was exploring various musical styles and was happy to hear something new from an up and comer.

Let me tell you how impressed I was. Very. Headview have produced a great alternative/hard rock album. The music is driven by a fine rhythm section with a strong sense of melody and catchy riffs. It’s hard rock that is passionate and moving, but doesn’t forget to have fun. Take the album opener “Archie’s Room” for instance. It’s fast and catchy and feels uplifting with the momentum building riff work. It’s a happy song that hints at underlining emotions. This is my favourite song on the album.

“Down” and “She’s Gotta Go” are solid rockers that are groove laden and hooky. “Down” is the heaviest song on the album with a great blend of melodic riffing and crunchy accompaniment. “Your Salvation” is melodic and rockin’ with an early I Mother Earth feel. Great solos on these songs too by guitarist Dave Keogh.

The alternative sound comes across more in the slower songs. “Decadent” is harmonic and moving while “Stand To Waste” is more rock ballad. The vocals by Armin Kamal take on a harmonic almost hypnotizing feel. You can just lose yourself at times in them. They feel real and heartfelt. Not showy.

The album closer “Sinking” is a slower acoustic number that’s atmospheric in its harmony and melodies. It’s a good song, but at only 4 min. it seems to drag on. Perhaps that was the intent, a slow sinking ending. Who knows.

“Sad Tomato” is a great album and has seen a lot of airtime in my CD player/iPod. Sadly I think this was a one off deal and the website now directs you to Dave Keogh’s new project The Town Pants which is a Celtic/Folk/World Music group.

I am glad, atleast, to have this now “infamous” recording.

Up next I’ll be heading back to my more heavier metal leanings with Death Metal band Encased from Burlington, Ontario. I went to highschool with one of member’s cousin which I only found out after catching them live as an opening act for Hamilton, Ontario based heavy metal/thrash band Varga whose review will follow Encased’s .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello friend. sorry it takes me so long between visits. i am very short on energy and strength still. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for you haven't forgotten me. your loyalty and friendship is worth millions to me and i'm grateful you are being so patient with this mostly one way blogging pal thing..hang in there pls for i am trying to come back regularly.

so happy to see you posting away. words cannot say how much i miss all my Useless friends, lol..and their individual blogs.

hello to the family and to your brother from me please.

i hear cold winds are heading your way even more so, keep warm.

hugs, many hugs,


1:29 PM  
Blogger anonymous jones said...

Just wondering, do they give out a grammy for the best heavy metal song thingy? (Yay for Wolfmother!)

7:40 PM  
Blogger Ammok said...


Just read your review of sad tomato. What a blast....I was in the band (the singer). I'd love to chat. You can contact me through my new band's MySpace at

Hope to hear from you.


4:14 PM  

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