Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Future Is Square ...

Andrew Starr is a co-worker of mine from a department I used to work in. I never really knew him all that well at the time, but my buddy FBI works closer with him and I gradually got to know him better that way. FBI used to go on about how Andrew Starr was a guitar player in a band and that Andrew wanted him to come see their show. So after a couple of years of asking FBI talked me into going with him to see them play. Andrew's band is Slave To The Square Wave and let me tell you, what a performance it was. They really know how to put on a good live show, with catchy music, stagey theatrics and one heck of a frontman. A copy of their compilation album "12 Top Hits" came with the admission, which was nice cause now I finally have an album I can share with my Wife. So how's the music you ask? Well ....

This is not the sort of fare I tend to lean towards, but there is enough rock elements that I don't feel ashamed of myself. Seriously though, the music is funky, techno beat laden pop rock. The album begins with the hooky bass driven funkilious "Evolution#9". Other funky tracks are "PET (Pressure, Pressure)", "Pumpin' Up The P House" and the deliciously blasphemous "Johnny 3:16" with lyrics like ~If you wanna get to Heaven, just snap your fingers then you twist your hips, etc.~ . "London Baby" has a discoy feel and the vocalist, Colin Troy, just shines. His voice is closest to Bowie. Smooth and powerful. From the chest.

Some songs have a Prince feel such as "Thank You Very Much" and "Pumpin' Up The P House". "Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque" is a technoy faster song that when performed live Colin makes like a cymbal crashing monkey toy and is a nice visual that fits the song perfectly. This is just one example of Colin's fantastic stage presents. "Spit On Me" and "The Last Day" have an 80's pop sound and "Sinners Of Saint Avenue" has a touch of early U2. It's melodic and ballad-like. The album ends with "Re-Evolution" a remix of "Evolution#9" done acousticy and much shorter.

My favourite tracks are "Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque" cause of it's wonderful live performance and "Sinners Of Saint Avenue" for its passionate lyrics and melodic sense. There is also a country remix of "Pumpin' Up The P House" as a hidden bonus track. I must commend Andrew Starr for his guitar work. He is quite talented and brings a variety of guitar styles to various songs. He adds a rock element that allows the music to be dancey, yet I can pump my fist with. He stands out on the songs "PET (Pressure,Pressure)", "My Spine Is A Bassline" which all around is too hip hoppy for me , and "The Last Day".

In the end, the music is not what I prefer and if the CD wasn't included with admission, I mightn't have bought it. But I do enjoy the music and will give it a spin at work now and then. I really enjoy their live performance and look forward to seeing them some more. Feel free to check out their music and some video on their myspace/website. For some wailing guitar driven rock checkout "Voodoo Sex".

I've made some corrections to the SNAK posting I did previously and please stay tuned for Slang, my Step Uncles vehicle out of St.Catherine's. Think Aerosmithy style hard rock....


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i'll look into this if only to have a record to share with my girl too. :)

we do have a few, actually, but not many.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... the bands name!

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