Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skid Marks ...

After "Slave To The Grind" (which was the first metal album to debut at #1 on the American Charts) Skid Row took a 3 year hiatus to ... uh ... find themselves. There was some inner turmoil and thoughts of disbanding. However, during that time they recorded an EP of cover songs called "B-Side Ourselves"

This is not a bad album and a nice sampling of some of the bands influences. The album starts off with faithful cover of The Ramones' "Psycho Therapy" with guest, vocalist from Faster Pussy, Taime Downe. It's well done, but maybe too polished for Ramones standards. And that's the feel of the album. Faithful covers with a little Skid Row edge.

"C'mon And Love Me" is emotive and respectfully done. "Delivering The Goods" is a live recorded cover featuring a dual vocals with Bach and Halford. However, I find I can't distinguish between whose who during the song. Alas it must be untrained ears, but I imagine it would have rocked to see that live!

Rush's "What You're Doing" sounds like it could have easily fit on Skid Row's debut album and Hendrix' "Little Wing" is done with the (in my opinion) the most passion. A stirring cover of a lovely ballad.

The covers here are very well done and you can't hide the Skid Row sound because of Sebastian's distinct vocals and that gives the songs a little originality. I find I don't reach for this album all that much. It's an EP and not very long and the songs are not much different then the originals and so there is no real uniqueness that demand listening to.

Up next, I'll be reviewing the last effort with Sebastian Bach on "Subhuman Race".


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